Sharda Rogell
Sharda Rogell

Guided Meditations


Sharda's Guided Instructions for Vipassana Meditation

These morning instructions were given on a week long retreat in Moose Jaw, Canada. These guided meditations cover the whole set of instructions for the practice and each instruction builds on the one before.

Morning Instruction 1 - Breath

Morning Instruction 2 - Body

Morning Instruction 3 - Emotions

Morning Instruction 4 - Thought and Mind States

Morning Instruction 5 - Feeling Tone (Vedana)

Morning Instruction 6 - Selflessness




Simple Instructions for Sitting Meditation

Settle at ease in awareness of your body.

Open to awareness of sound without labeling the sounds.

Resting easily, let sounds come and go.

Become aware of the feeling of each breath in the same open space of mind.

See how carefully each breath can be felt.

Open to and focus on any predominant body sensation.

Notice what happens to it. Does it get stronger/weaker/stay the same?

Be alert for any thoughts or images.

Notice what happens to these thoughts in the light of awareness.

Be aware of strong mind states or emotions.

Note them. Feel them clearly without identifying with them (in other words, without getting involved in the storyline.)

Each functions in their own way like clouds passing through an empty sky.


Other Guided Meditations

Guided Meditation on Lovingkindness (Metta)  25 minutes